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Finding the right device may feel like a daunting experience when faced with the amount of choice available to you but in reality, once you understand a few basic things about vaping, you will be making an informed choice that makes this process much easier. There are 3 components which are essential; the device itself, a suitable e-liquid and a suitable charger.

Whilst friends and family have good intentions and may make recommendations on what you should use or purchase, in our experience everyone seems to think they are a 'vape guru'. We would therefore recommend reviewing your own personal consumption and preferences, matching it to the information provided below, or by taking advice from professionals within the vaping industry. This means you will get a genuine and relevant product suggestion suited to your requirements, rather than just because something is shiny or because that’s the one they have and it works for them.

If you feel that you still need help after reading through this guide, do feel free to contact us and we can give you more of a personalised breakdown that is specific to you.

First of all, we shall take a look at your smoking habits and requirements and cover the styles of vaping that suit you.

What is your current level of consumption of cigarettes?

Each persons body is different, so what may be right for one, may be too much or too little for someone else. Use the information below as a solid baseline, then you can either increase or decrease your strength based on how effective it is at satisfying your cravings.

If you are considering Nic-Salts, we would only recommend these to regular or high consumptions users who will also be using lower powered devices. Using Nic-Salts in higher power devices can result in making you unwell, so try not to use above 25w.

If you are smoke up to 10 a day, then 10mg Nic-Salts should be sufficient, if you are smoking more than this then you may need to consider the 20mg Nic-Salts.

Where are you going to be vaping?

Considering where most of your smoking activity occurs will be reflected in where your vaping will occur too. If your consumption is high, you may want to consider a device with removable batteries. This means if your charge runs short while you’re out or away from home, if you have a spare charged battery to hand, simply swap out the cell and continue to vape with no disruption to your day. Light to moderate users or those who have regular access to charging opportunities, can benefit from built-in battery devices which can be regularly charged and service them through the day.

Personal Choices

This covers topics such as personal style and usage, devices come in a number of shapes, sizes, finishes and colour options so you should choose something that suits you.

Flavour preference is another thing to consider; you may think strawberry is a great improvement to the usual taste of cigarettes, but if you don’t fancy tasting the rainbow, tobacco flavoured e-liquids exist too. Use the flavour menu to find liquids that have a particular flavour profile.

Vaping can produce discreet or thick clouds, if you prefer discreet then look at low powered devices or MTL style tanks & kits. If you want a smoother experience and don’t mind larger clouds, then sub-ohm or the more powerful devices will be more suitable. Cloud production is also limited by your e-liquid choice explained in more detail further in this guide.

Are you more of a practical user looking for something quick and simple, or something that gives you more adjustability to your vaping experience? If you want simple, then fixed wattage devices as commonly seen among starter kits are ideal. If you feel you want more control over how you vape then variable wattage devices should be your go to option. Variable wattage devices are easy to use as they do have basic controls but if you don’t want extra things to worry about then just stick to fixed wattage kits.

Vaping Styles - Which one matches closest to your current way of smoking

This could be:


MTL – When you inhale smoke into your mouth before drawing it down into your lungs, MTL devices are usually lower-powered and are perfect for first-time vapers who are transitioning between smoking to vaping.


DTL – When you inhale smoke directly into your lungs, a more open airflow producing larger clouds, common among higher powered devices.


RDL – Inhaling smoke directly into your lungs but restricting the airflow. Found commonly among low powered devices and those that use nic salts, can concentrate flavour.


Sub-Ohm – Is where the coil is below 1.0 ohm and you are vaping at high wattages, producing thick clouds on higher powered devices. You inhale direct to lung and it gives access to a wider amount of flavour and customisation.


Types of Device & Reasons people like them

There are a number of different devices, each suited to perform certain functions better than others. Some hardware can carry out multiple functions effectively and you influence this by your choice of coil and wattage.


Vape Pens – Popular choice for new vapers, usually a `push and go` system with fixed wattage. Refillable with e-liquid, have built-in battery which is chargeable via USB, leaning toward the lower power tier of the devices.


Pod Devices – A small lightweight option, perfect for new and current vapers. Refillable with e-liquid & very common among 50/50 e-liquid and nic salt users. Available as a basic or more intermediate pod system, making them suitable choice over a longer period of time. They give you the ability to adjust your setup without needing a new device as your vaping requirements change. These can be powered by either built-in or removable battery.


Box Mod Kits – Supplied as a kit containing the battery mod, refillable tank, charging cable and coils (excludes removable batteries and e-liquid). Often favoured by the more experienced vapour or those looking for a fully customisable vaping solution. Capable of operating at many levels of the power spectrum, they cover the low powered starter setup to the more advanced high wattage cloud chasing that is sub-ohm. They can be larger or heavier than other options but are more versatile with extra features. These are usually powered by removable batteries.


Disposables – These are one time use devices, ready to go as soon as you open them. Once the e-liquid is fully consumed inside, you dispose of them and open a new one. These are not refillable.


Battery Mod Only – This is the part that powers the e-cigarette. Available with a number of features, styles and functions you should be able to find something that is flexible and meets your needs. If you choose a Mod Only option, you will need a tank too in order to complete your setup.


Tank – Tanks can vary in size and function as well as have multiple coil options, making it one of the easiest things to customise based on your coil choice. Some users may like to purchase their tank and mod separate when they aren’t available in a kit option, so being able to purchase these separately means you can mix and match to suit. 

Rebuildable – Offer the highest level of customisation to vaping but as covers all things that only advanced users should be attempting. Rebuildables require a high level of knowledge and understanding of vaping, so avoid these if you are new or unsure. Only those familiar with Ohm’s Law should be attempting to use rebuildable products.


Budget & Customization (accessories)

Now we have an idea of your consumption, style and preferred device type, you will need to figure out your budget and find something that will fall into your desired price range. Some devices will need additional things such as batteries whilst others are available as full kits, meaning you get the battery mod, tank and charging cable and even spare parts included (e-liquid & removable batteries to be purchased separately). If you are keen on a particular battery mod or tank, many products are available independently so you can customise your own bundle too.


In all circumstances, some users like to be fully prepared and purchase their juice and consumable parts like pods or coils all in one transaction so you know you are fully geared up to commit on your journey to stop smoking.


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When choosing batteries, coils or pods, be sure they are the correct ones to fit your chosen device.

Coils & Pods above 1.0 ohm are usually for starter kits or those who prefer discreet clouds or an MTL style of vaping, anything below 1.0 ohm is considered sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm vaping is usually more cloudy and able to cope with higher demand whilst offering access to a wider range of e-liquid choice.



Choosing the Right E-liquid

Flavour is the immediate thing people consider when choosing their e-liquid, and whilst this is plays an important role on your overall enjoyment, there are a few other things to consider.

Some kits and devices are very universal, being able to use the full range of e-liquids out there, but depending on your type of vape kit you are choose to use, you will need to think about what type of e-liquid will best suit your device as some devices will work with certain liquids better than others.

Liquids fall into 3 main categories:

·    50/50 E-liquids – Equal balance of flavour and cloud production, accurately simulating the sensation of smoking cigarettes. More discreet than shortfills.

·       Nic-salts – The same as above but with a smoother throat hit, this salt based nicotine is more effectively absorbed by the body.

·       Shortfills – Larger bottles with varying VG/PG ratios can be more economical for vaping especially among sub-ohm vaping or those with low nicotine requirements.

Best for starters:  50/50 + Nic Salts

Best for intermediate:  50/50, Nic Salts , Shortfills

Best for Sub-ohm:  Shortfills

More detailed information about e-liquids can be found here

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