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Age verification - Why we need this information

Retailers selling E-cigarette and tobacco related products are only able to sell to people over the age of 18, keeping to the current UK legislation. By law, we are required to verify the age of all our customers.


Below we explain why this is necessary and how we verify your age. 

Why do you need to verify my age?

Current UK legislation requires us to carry out these essential checks to protect those who are below the minimum legal age for purchasing these goods. Whilst this may be frustrating and an additional step, it helps us to comply with the rules in place. As a customer, you know we are doing our part to stop the sale of these products to those under-age.


Trading Standards and the Department of Health & Social Care work together to ensure that age-restricted products are only sold to those who are legally allowed to purchase these types of goods. If you are over 18 and purchasing tobacco related goods on behalf of someone under the age of 18, this is against the law and you could be prosecuted. It is the responsibility of all retailers to ensure they do not sell goods to people who are under the minimum legal age.

How do we verify your age?

For age verification, we use ID3Global which is an industry-recognised third-party company. They will carry out and run independent checks using data that the UK government already holds for all UK Citizens to verify you are 18 or over. These checks may include your driving license, passport, the UK electoral roll, and/or the UK birth register.


The system carries out as few checks as possible and in most cases, your age can be verified instantly. Once your age is confirmed you will be able to continue with your purchase. We will only require this check once and we will not need to request any further details from you.


What if you can’t verify my age?

If we are unable to verify that you are over 18 using the information you provide at the point of setting up an account, you will be asked to provide more information, we will need to contact ID3 and they any request further proof of age.

If you still cannot be verified, regrettably you will not be able to purchase from us until you can provide proof of age before your account can be approved. We do not store copies of any of the data you provide to us or ID3Global.

Will the age verification process affect my credit score?

No, it will not. If you are signed up to a credit reporting service, like Experian or Equifax, you may be notified that a check has been made against your credit record. Please be assured that this is a "soft check" and has no affect whatsoever on your credit score.

ID3 will typically on need to use your Driving License or UK Passport to verify your age as to get these forms of ID, you would have already provided relevant information which is held by the UK Government to confirm your identity.